That Other Book

Someone I know  once had a conversation with another person about the church I belong to.  They both noted some of the church’s characteristics that they admire, like its moral stands and its emphasis on families.

“It’s just too bad they have that book,” lamented one, referring to the Book of Mormon, a volume of scripture accepted by my church.

When one of the persons in the conversation shared this with me I thought in my own mind, “Yes, that book!”

It is ironic to me that the very belief that consigned my church in one person’s mind to a place of unacceptability could be the thing that is so compelling and cherished in my mind.

How grateful I am for the Book of Mormon.

The simple existence of the Book of Mormon is a peculiar proposition.  It supposes to be a record of God’s dealings with the people who lived on the American continent during Bible times as recorded by prophets similar to Moses or Malachi or Peter.

The central message of these dealings is that Jesus Christ is the Savior of the world and the way to Heaven.  No other book I have ever read more forcefully teaches me this truth.

For many, though, that book is a non-starter before they even read it.  The Bible is the Word of God in their minds and any addition to it is a heresy.  It seems that the idea of “extra” books of scripture is just not even in the realm of possibility.

Is it really that big of a leap, though, to imagine that God might have had worthwhile dealings with people outside the world of the Mediterranean? Do you think by reading The Book of Mormon one could determine whether it was a a grievous falsehood or a true record written by real prophets?

A message from a recent meeting of my church brought these ideas to mind.


One thought on “That Other Book

  1. I often think about that simple logic– we know that God is Love. We also could easily imagine that there was other groups of his children living on the earth while the Holy Bible or “Holy library’ was being recorded. He loves all his children and would not deny anyone the chance to hear the Gospel — the news about the gift of his Son Jesus Christ.

    I know God is just and loving, He did speak to prophets in ages past and present. I am confused on why someone would not want to read the another part of the Holy Library of God’s dealing with His Beloved children.

    If the Book Of Mormon testified that God was not God or that Jesus Christ was not our Savior I could understand the repulsion by Christian people — but since there is not one page in the Book that does not testify of the Divinity of Jesus Christ as the Savior of All Mankind, I lament the fact that more people don’t read it and enjoy it.

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