House of Douse

[rockyou id=140358218&w=500&h=375]

We spent a day down at Sea World in San Diego yesterday, taking advantage of our “buy a day, come back the rest of the year for free.”  Despite the title of this post we managed to stay dry on this trip.

Grandpa Rick was along for the ride (in our new mini-van; I will eventually post some pictures when I get it washed and all spiffied up).

We even saw a show we had never seen before, a night-time dolphin show called “Ignite” that we really liked.  Sea World shot up big balls of flames (15ft high) while the dolphins did their tricks.  I could feel the heat from the flames all the way across the stadium.  It was a pretty good show but I think I lost an eyebrow.

I got a chance to take some pictures with my new camera, which sports a 4.5 frames per second shot rate.  Wow is it fast! (Like twice as fast as my previous camera which was no slouch.)  Now instead of waiting for just the right moment, I just lay on the trigger and pick the ones I like the best later.

The weather cooperated with a cool 80°F day and we had a great time and avoided any dousings.


4 thoughts on “House of Douse

    • Great video. I agree, it is really tough to relate to those big numbers.

      I used to be in the habit of calling a million a thousand thousands or a billion a thousand million but my family would just roll their eyes at me.

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