Family on the Fourth

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We celebrated our nation with Paige’s family this year at her Uncle Fred and Aunt Coy’s home.

We got in some fun time swimming.  Emily now swims all around the pool with her life vest on, which is a big improvement in boldness for her.  Noah hung out in his “floaty chair” most of the time.  He got pretty upset when it is time to get out.

Like all the other red-blooded Americans we ate hamburgers.  I made all the orthodox family kids angry by calling the icee-like drink “slushie” instead of “crush.”  You know, typical in-law troublemaking.

We even had delicious homemade chocolate ice cream, the perfect way to end a hot day.

Later that night we headed up to the Muhlesteins’ who live on the edge of the Friendly Hills Golf course to watch, as the country club calls it, “the best firework show in Whittier.”

Of course in a few years I think they are going to have to start saying “the best legal firework show in Whittier,” but that is a topic for another day 🙂 .


2 thoughts on “Family on the Fourth

  1. we will have to borrow a pool and let the daredevils swim together! while you are up here in the frozen north:-)

    • Sounds good. Dad was telling me there might be some rafting opportunities up by your house. That sounds fun 🙂 .

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