Field and I went mountain biking up Azusa Canyon in the San Gabriel Mountains north of Whittier.  It only took us about ½ hour to arrive at the trailhead.

We left just before 9am but we didn’t anticipate just how cold it would be in the little mountain canyon in which the trail was located.

We had to stop a couple of times and put our hands inside our jackets to get the feeling back but other than that we had a really good time.

Map of Cogwell Reservoir and trail (click for enlargement)

Map of Cogwell Reservoir and trail (click for enlargement)

The scenery was awesome and we rode all the way into Cogswell Dam which was completed back in 1934.  It holds back the Cogswell Reservoir, which is used as drinking water for Los Angeles when there is water in it.

See a 360° Panorama of Cogswell Dam and Reservoir here.

As you will see from the pictures there isn’t much water in it right now.  I imagine once all the snow melts it will fill back up.

Round trip, in and then back out, was 16 miles.  Most of the ride was a nice, gradual uphill.  Only the end of the ride, at the dam, was a pretty steep climb but we managed to make it.  Field was in much better shape this time compared to our last ride.

He says that on our last ride in Chino Hills State Park he saw lots of “spider webs” and Puff the Magic Dragon.  What he means is that he nearly went unconscious from overexertion and was starting to blackout.  But no problems this time.

[rockyou id=129527706&w=500&h=375]


One thought on “MOUNTAIN Biking

  1. Brrrr! i venture to say if i was to join you on that ride that “Puff” and I would have sat down together and had some Tea and Crumpets! looks like a fun spot!

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